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Instagram is a free of cost, photo sharing, mobile based, social networking application, which allows its users to take pictures, edit them using high-end creativity tools and share or upload them on various other apps such as Facebook and Twtiter, other than Instagram itself. The app enables its users to apply several pre-customized filter effects on the photos and videos they want to upload. Developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, this app is mainly compatible with the iOS and Android devices.

What about Instagram online for web users?

Known to be the king of photo apps in the world, Instagram Login with Facebook Account is now looking forward to an international growth, especially in places where internet networking is either slow or data charges are expensive. For this reason, Instagram is making enormous upgrades to its mobile website to add-on some core features that were till now, only available to the smartphone users. These features include photo sharing and a smaller version of the Explore tab.

How does mobile browser for Instagram Online, work?

The web browser could only allow the users of Instagram to navigate through their account on its website, for viewing uploaded photos, videos and news feed. The users could like, comment, search, follow and view notifications on the mobile web site as well as the desktop site. But, recently Instagram has begun its photo sharing feature through the web browser.other features as video uploads, stories, filters and Instagram Direct are still missing. The company aims at 80% user base outside the U.S. for which it has upgraded its mobile web browser features.

There might be other useful add-ons down the line like offline functionality and a web sign up. These can help Instagram shoot up usage over the 700 million user mark. Instagram was able to add a100 million users in just 4 months.

It might be possible that many users who are keen on using Instagram may not have access to a fast internet connection for convenient download and usage of the Instagram app or the smartphone devices are not high-end ones so as to support enough storage space. It may also be the case that the mobile data is too expensive for the app to be used to its fullest.

Expanded Mobile Web Version to the Rescue

The expanded version of the mobile web page for Instagram, helps the user skip the app download time, storage needs and data costs, all at once while, still keeping the basic functions of the app in hand. It is a frequent question to the developers whether Instagram would roll out an Instagram Lite Version of its primitive app, to minimize data transfer, just like the Facebook Lite Version and the Messenger Lite Version since, Instagram has also become a Facebook Inc. acquisition.

What is the fate of Instagram online?

As mobile networking facilities and availability of cheap Android phones is improving, Instagram can easily squeeze out more revenue from its international markets than from U.S. alone. The global popularity of the app is keeping its fans locked to it. The key to international success would be in, not ignoring the smaller markets, no matter how far or different they may be. This will boost Instagram’s business significantly.

Final Word:

The approach made by the developers of Instagram towards its web interface may seem slow moving and non-impressive right now, but if  thought about in the long run, Instagram aims at conquering the photo-based social networking kingdom, especially over its competitors such as Snapchat, which is a video-heavy app focusing more on high-end users. Though Instagram app was basically designed for smartphone users, the web based access provides an easy access and usage for their fan-followers. Once the photo-filter feature is enabled, the app downloads would shoot-up, making it the top most app in the world.

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